Surrender belief to fulfill Desire

Have you ever noticed that satisfaction never lasts, that once a desire has been fulfilled, it, or a new one, pops up again? The Son of God wants only the Father’s Love; He wants to give and receive this Love. When the Son is acting with a split from Love in mind he is not doing what he really wants; following his desires is a poor substitute. Not doing Self’s Will sources unhappiness.

Jesus/The Holy Spirit/Right Mind explains it this way in ACIM, “Your distorted perceptions produce a dense cover over miracle impulses, making it hard for them to reach your awareness. The confusion of miracle impulses with physical impulses is a major perceptual distortion. Physical impulses are misdirected miracle impulses. All real pleasure comes from doing God’s Will. This is because not doing it is a denial of Self.”

Denial of Self is denial of Self-Love, it is the unwillingness to do God’s Will, which is to only extend Love. To fulfill the Son’s one and only desire, one surrenders belief in everything but Love. Resistance to allowing Love results in seeming apathy/stagnancy/stuckness when it gets to the end of the line. Allowing the extension of Love without resistance fulfills desire, now and forever. Material cravings alternate between attraction and aversion, and thus, they can never be satisfied; but Self’s Nonlinear Love is Fulfilling, Always.

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