Bringing Light Forth

All is One Still, Unchanging, Undivided Power we generically call God. God is One Still, Undivided Light, and this Light is Qualitatively Known not as light streaming through the senses but as Love without reflection or deflection, interchanging with more of the same without interruption. Even through the veil of Maya that seemingly deflects the … Continue reading Bringing Light Forth

God is the Store, Love is the candy

At about age three, I noticed the ego and was plummeted into a world of fear and anxiety. It is with great Love that I thank everyone I have ever met, and will ever meet, for the divine help in the undoing of the subjective self I made that seemed to exist separate from God's … Continue reading God is the Store, Love is the candy

Surrender belief to fulfill Desire

Have you ever noticed that satisfaction never lasts, that once a desire has been fulfilled, it, or a new one, pops up again? The Son of God wants only the Father's Love; He wants to give and receive this Love. When the Son is acting with a split from Love in mind he is not … Continue reading Surrender belief to fulfill Desire