Surrender belief to fulfill Desire

Have you ever noticed that satisfaction never lasts, that once a desire has been fulfilled, it, or a new one, pops up again? The Son of God wants only the Father's Love; He wants to give and receive this Love. When the Son is acting with a split from Love in mind he is not … Continue reading Surrender belief to fulfill Desire

Spiritualized Reality Therapy

Mental health is a reflection of being in alignment with the Loving Will of Self. Does mental health therapy that excludes the Self's one desire to be in alignment with Will work? Temporarily, perhaps. But because non-faith-based reality therapy doesn't address the “Son's” one desire for the “Father's” Love, it can still only be a … Continue reading Spiritualized Reality Therapy

Everybody’s the good guy

Belief in attack is what brings the Son of God to mind as a terrorist. With acceptance of the Atonement, one realizes that the terrorist is Still the Son of God, who, in Reality, only wants the Father's Love. The Father's Love is his only desire. He does not, when all is said and done, … Continue reading Everybody’s the good guy

The Glory noted as the absence of time

“I” take full credit for not having much in the way of “follow through”. I take full credit for stopping short of finishing, because there is no longer an actually-believed-to-be linear sequencing of events stemming from “me”. “Me” is but the effect of the thought “I am”; all that is manifest stems from the effects … Continue reading The Glory noted as the absence of time

Desire Fulfilled

Consciousness produces the realm of perception. Consciousness is ego's domain and stems from the part of mind that fictitiously believes in separation from Source. Devoid of consciousness is Spirit's Awareness of the shared Will of God/Love/Source only, which is the ongoing extension of Love from Father to Son or Creator to Creation. The Son wants … Continue reading Desire Fulfilled

Whimsy with death or Love with God

“Death is the central dream from which all illusions stem.” (ACIM Manual For Teachers) I am not a spun-from-Love two-sided being and neither are you; we are still one Self, One Love. The worst that happened(s) is the belief in the body. “The 'reality' of death is firmly rooted in the belief that God's Son … Continue reading Whimsy with death or Love with God

Accept the one and only desire

There is only one desire, that of the Son for the Father. All other desires are manifestations of what is not desired for long. The Son of God looks out at the world and says, “I don't want this”, and unwittingly blocks Awareness of what He really wants. Attention gets focused on the block, and … Continue reading Accept the one and only desire