From within the Mind of the seeker

Questions arise from listening to the voice for ego as it seems to project one away from Love, and the one Answer arises from the Voice for the Holy Spirit as it “re-unifies” (Unity is already) one through the Memory of Love.

Scripting away from Love can project infinite questions but cannot contain the one Answer of it. Scrip can, though, seem as if to direct one to the answer. Script is “successful” when it draws the inquirer within to the Self, away from the outer realm of ego. Thus script can not hold answers, but the means to the end that brings one back to existing Knowledge of the Answer.

Ego believes itself to exist outside of the Kingdom of God in its own little domain. With the belief in ego and its core thought of separation from God’s Love, one makes up a body which seemingly puts barriers to truth. The truth is then made out to be as if hidden from the Son of God. Truth cannot be hidden, though, because the Voice for the Holy Spirit, which remained at the time the thought of separation arose, is the Voice of one’s very Self, and is ever available as the Answer. The Voice for God does not come from somewhere “out there” beyond the fortress of the body. It is not located in script or in any other form; it is nonlocalized. Separation from the Mind of God, as ego would say to be true, is actually impossible. Thus the Answer is simply this: separation can never be true. When one uses script as a means to seeking the Answer, the answer rises up not from “words on a page”, but from the very Mind of the seeker.

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