Differences can never actually Be

For the spiritual student, analyzing the ego’s illusions vs deferring to the Holy Spirit can be attractive to the intellect. In this way, which is counter to spiritual progress, the intellect operates as a kind of glamorized self-pride. It categorizes and keeps what it thinks to be valuable spiritually, and projects what it thinks to lack spiritual value. While there is nothing wrong (or right) with the intellect itself, its activities, even “spiritualized”, don’t bring happiness. Looking in the darkness for the potential for light is akin to looking in the ego’s framework for the potential for love. Unless, through the looking at things from outside of oneself, one realizes by their separation their lack of true power and decides for himself he instead wants happiness. The decision for happiness is deciding not by the intellect for ego, but by the Holy Spirit, for God/Self/Source/Love.

It could be said that perception is the noted-by-the-senses result of splinter cells in the Mind of God. If not for projection away from God’s Kingdom to the perception of nothing but separate bodies housing separate minds, nobody would appear to populate the planet. We’d all still live peacefully as One.

The Holy Spirit thankfully teaches by looking beyond the ego and its illusions to the Truth that the idea of splinter cells never actually occurred. God never left us, and we never left God. To surrender the ego analysis and listen instead to the Holy Spirit is to return to the natural state of Mind that is wholly complete, and completely whole.

One only thinks of differences; they can never actually Be.

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