Transcending the belief that God could allow suffering

Why does God allow suffering? The short answer from A Course in Miracles: He doesn’t.

God’s Will is Only Ever Love.

The Mind of God has everything His Son, whose mind is an extension of His, could ever want or ever need. The Mind of God, which by extension powers His Son’s mind with Love always and forever, is complete and whole in and of Itself. Through God’s eternal Love for His Created-By-Love Son, everything in His Kingdom is always Directly Provided without deviation. Suffering does not exist in the Kingdom of God. Love is all there is.

It is not God who creates suffering, but the seeming separation from the Kingdom of God made manifest by the acceptance of the belief in perceptual differences. While there is acceptance of the belief in different functions that routinely bring suffering, pain and death, God is ever at Home in His Kingdom, continuing to extend His Love. The seeming separation does not come from God’s Will. The very experience of the belief in being separated from God is painful and confirms the idea of suffering, for God’s Will is only Love.

The ego is the internal voice that believes separation is possible and spurs one on, seemingly further and further away from Knowing the eternal Source of Love. Separation from God is not actually possible; it is only an erroneous belief that God can stop being one’s Loving Father. God is always present, ever Loving His Son. Perception, built on experience gained by manifested beliefs in separate-from-love functions blocks this knowledge, though there is always the way back Home through perception’s release.

Through listening instead of ego to the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit, and by the witnessing of all of humanity as not a multitude of different and separate bodies/minds but as the One Beloved, Ever Unified Son of God, one can again know God’s Love as it naturally and eternally extends to All of Creation. The mind and thus body, instead of projecting more discord and promoting further separation, can be used to communicate loving thoughts, which in quality is creating like God, vs making like ego. Creation of the eternal occurs by the extension of Love, and the Absolute Truth is always known to be only Love. Manifesting the belief in separation occurs by trying to make something out of nothing. Via the communication of loving thoughts, a kind of bridge from misguided perception back to Pure Knowledge is built wherein it is as one’s own Higher Self crosses over, and brings one home to the original state of directly Knowing Love.

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