Oneness with The Divine Trinity of Knowledge & Thinking

Knowledge can never be divided from Thinking to express Knowledge.

Idea (Self/Stillness) and it’s expression (body of motion) are One – they occur simultaneously in the Timelessness of the Divine Trinity of Light – there is no “going back and forth” in Reality, there is only rest in the qualitative nature of imagining dynamic ecstasy.

The effect of this imagining of Light/Spirit (the dual lights of the body) is neither “here” nor “there”. There is no time, but the deceptive sense of it based on sensing seeming preponderance of contractive or expansive thinking (ie the senses say, “it’s raining now, now it’s not” – while in Reality the Idea of eternal water has simply changed preponderance of concentration to preponderance of decentration or vapor.

The senses alone note division (which is not real, only seeming) into timed segments of “drops and vapor”, “life and death” or “concentrated body/in-breath and decentrated body/outbreath”; the senses do not detect the qualitative Reality of the Timeless simultaneity of the Interchanging Point of Allness – each of the two lights eternally become the other; the senses cannot detect the unity of water that seems to alternate between drops and vapor-  aka they cannot detect, or know, the Still Self and it’s indelible expression of seeming motion, that, to the senses, appears to be form appearing and disappearing.

Thus there is no “going back and forth between life and death”, except to the senses that detect the seeming effects of Spirit’s concentrative and decentrative thinking.

There is no remaining as cause “without a body” – or without effect – except via realization of the Reality of cause and the illusion of effect – this realization wholly frees One to be an eternal co-Creator of the senses themselves . The sensed body of motion reflects one’s eternal thinking of dynamic ecstasy that, to the senses, seemingly sequentially alternates between concentration and decentration. But these are only detected preponderances of concentrated thought and decentrated thought. One is always breathing in and out simultaneously as One Spirit imagining to create one singular balance of inbreath and outbreath, with preponderance of one or the other (seeming  division) that is noted by the senses alone. The senses allow Man to view the movie of effect he or she is producing in cause.

Try holding your breath out. You will undoubtedly need to breath in again. As the body is preponderantly breathed out/expanded/ decentrated, it, too, will inevitably re-concentrate or be breathed back in.

Spirit never ceases imagining the breath of dynamic ecstasy. It never ceases being the cause of qualitative ecstasy via imagining rhythmic,  balanced,  interchanging ecstasy or “motion”. One Idea that is still is qualitatively divided into a pair of opposites (one body of opposing motion) that eternally interchange roles. To Spirit, this ecstasy is simply unity with the qualities of Balanced Thinking/Balanced Breathing/Balanced Imagining of dynamic ecstasy interchanging with dynamic ecstasy.

To the one who looks away from the innate Knowledge of ecstasy and Thinking to express that ecstasy dynamically to the ego-database of sensed observations, “life” is instead deemed “entrapment” by division of or separation from that unity and “death” is deemed release from it. And thus, “life and death”/seeming separation from the Divine Trinity of Knowledge and Thinking seem real.

Separation is only seemingly real. Unity with the Divine Trinity of still Knowledge and its Expression of seeming motion is the only true Reality. Learn the Law of Love, and balance your thinking between the one pair of opposites and all systems of pairs that seemingly form and reform the Self.

Copyright @Darcie French 2021

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