Solving the Mystery of the Numbers 3, 6 and 9

The science of creation that solves the mystery of the divine numbers 3, 6 and 9 – in a nutshell:

Polarity is an equal plus and minus of zero. Depolarization ends in zero. Every effect of polarization is equally divided and multiplied in opposite–but equal–ratios.“(Walter Russell Pg 27 Part 12 of the Home Study Course)

The Divine Trinity represents by the seeming division of the one still Light or positive Zero of stillness into the equal pulsating opposite halves of the double-negative dual lights of creation: the Divine Trinity is the first plus (mirror that reflects) and minus (mirror that absorbs) of the Still Light of “zero” into the two mirrored polarities that “shine” into one another through spiraling states of motion to present the mirage of creation. The equal addition and subtraction of plus one and minus one to the one of zero seemingly creates the first plane of perception by division of the extended imperceptible one into two (which totals three). The second effort multiplies the first three to six to give the Idea desired width and breadth, and the third multiplies the first to nine, to add the depth that, together as one representation, the senses recognize as the three dimensions of spacetime. Polarization of creation never goes past the number nine, for upon maturity, the whole process begins to reverse back through the octaves in order for the polarized form backing idea to be depolarized back to zero, and then reproduced. Bodies are concentrated into seeming life, and decentrated back to the zero of the Light for reproduction. Desire never leaves the Light by polarization/depolarization – the processes of seeming life and seeming death are both controlled by desire in the Light.

The division of the One Light into the two moving lights of the Divine Trinity is purely qualitative and it is noted by the senses alone as being seemingly divided and multiplied to nine, when the triplicate of width, breadth, and depth is given to formless Idea.

Darcie French©2021

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