Rethinking Supply & Demand

Everything in the material world can be “chunked down” to supply and demand. The consumer demand for meat products is routinely met by new supplies of antibiotics and vaccines.

The WHO knows who they are dealing with when it comes to pandemic control: humans who consume meat and dairy and demand to continue that consumption at a phenomenal rate.

More than 70 billion sentient beings are bred, fed, and dead yearly to feed under 8 billion humans, and this doesn’t include marine animals. The factory farms, wet markets and slaughter houses are global hot spots for the ongoing eruption of mutating viruses and bacteria that threaten the very balance of the planet and impact quality of life for humans and animals alike.

All flus are Zoonotic. Even AIDS originated from unlawful interaction between humans and animals. Same with syphilis.

Every flu season for humans that interrupts life with suffering and deaths is a reflection of daily life for the animals enslaved by the meat industry. This is nothing new to the World Health Organization, but it is mostly unrecognized by the consumers demanding supply.

In the face of swine flu, avian flu, mad cow disease, ebola, SARS, MERS, covid-19 and other mysterious diseases not yet named, humans continue to demand the ability to eat the flesh of these animals without interruption or intervention.

Conspiracy theories as to how Covid-19 was developed abound, but the fact that the WHO and its players like Bill Gates have been, for decades, developing antibiotics and vaccines to try and prevent these diseases in both animals and humans in order for the meat industry to continue remains.

Most folks, especially meat consumers, don’t want to recognize this truth. It’s extremely  painful to realize the part each individual consumer plays in the destruction of the whole – but each individual must recognize this for positive change to occur for the whole. By honestly noting the enslavement, torture and deaths of these animals and the consequences to human health, humanity could eliminate the threat of emerging new pandemics. I highly recommend watching Dominion on YouTube to this end.

From a Universal Law perspective, it is quite simply a case of, “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”. There is even a direct correlation of animals being gassed to stun them before the sword is used, and humans in quarantined quarters, struggling to breath or placed in medical comas, intubated on ventilators. The sword and the scalpel, the CO2 gas chambers used on the animals and the inability for humans to get enough 02 are like the right and left hands, with fingers laced tightly together.

Please re-think the demand for meat. Look at the unlawful activities and the profiteers of capitalism that bring it to your plate, with radical self honesty.

Ask the question, “Is my demand for meat and all of its consequences really what I want?

Or could I go plant-based, and improve the quality of life for billions?”

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