The mistaken belief that Mind can be killed

The concept of “kill the mind” and never again “have a body” promoted by students interpreting various sages such as Ramana Maharshi (potentially misinterpreting) is, according to The Essence of the Russell Cosmogeny, wholly false, and terribly misleading. It is a source of passive suicide and consequently over population.

It is a problem in India, for example, as folks try to “kill the mind” and stop generating life due to this religiously-common misconception. The intellect based in the ego database of sensed observations can be transcended with the sense of duality, but the Mind that is One with the Universal Law of eternal repetition cannot be killed.

The “call of God” is to eternally manifest Law through the seeming physical, not to become “unmanifest” aka leave form on Earth for an eternally formless heavenly abode. The Godhead of Supreme Creativity that is believed to be a literal destination is nothing but a State of Mind. This State of Mind includes full Knowledge of Oneness with Universal Law and the ability to manifest the Law.

All bodies are dual, and they eternally alternate between concentration (manifest form half aka “life”) and decentration (unmanifest formless half aka “death”) as Idea is expressed. Typically,  the time period of concentration is the same as the time period of decentration. If a body is active or “lives” 100 years, it “dies” or rests for another 100 before it repeats. Conception of new abilities to express occurs during the decentration period, and completion of those abilities is meant to occur during the concentration period. Life and death are one continuity of forward motion as the Idea of Man is expressed and climaxes in Cosmic Consciousness/Co-Creator.

As Dr Hawkins once said, “Evolution and Creation are one in the same thing”. There is a Divine Plan of the Creator to manifest the Supreme Personality through the body of Man, aka “God’s Son”.

Man is One with Universal Law, and all thinking produces effects. Due to mistaken religious concepts, many are caught in the effect of a cycle of suffering. Many do not complete conceptions of the decentration period, and a cycle of degeneration is repeated vs an ongoing ascension of transformation.

Due to the belief that Mind can be stilled, bodies are stilled and they degenerate prematurely. Their seed patterns are often deformed from said lack of generating life, and they are born again into the cycle prematurely, often with birth defects.

Copyright@Darcie French 2021

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