15 World Changes as Homo Barbarian Ascends

As Homo Barbarian (the current mental state of the masses) ascends to Homo Spiritus (the divine goal for the masses) who knows and expresses Love (vs fear), all barbaric practices in daily life cease.

Mankind ceases believing in a one-way, exhaustive universe to realize that all that is given, he gets, and there is no “other” God separating man from that Truth. Homo barbarian gives out pain, and gets pain back, and he learns he doesn’t want to give out pain. History books will say that Homo barbarian “lived by the sword, and died by the sword” as he evolved to better simulate the eternal Self.

As Homo barbarian “dies off” the rituals based in fearing a “God of wrath” (which/who is Homo barbarian) die off as well. Here are a few practices of the barbarian (in random order) that will disappear as thinking divided by fear ceases.

  1. Breaking the feet of young daughters and fashioning them into sex objects for future marital relations
  2. Developing cures for diseases (disease disappears as ease is manifested)
  3. Seeking for God in a temple outside of the Self where killing is authorized “under God” (ie. Church turkey dinners or other animal sacrifice)
  4. Wearing bras, corsets, deodorant, ties, tiaras and all other uncomfortable and unnecessary items “for show” or to “undo” the guilt of killing
  5. Rampant reproduction of bodies with brains (exchanged for natural allowance of the growth of edible plants and participation in the planting, pruning and harvesting process)
  6. Binging, purging, starving (all eating disorders are rectified when humans stop craving the flesh of bodies with brains and believing that consuming it is necessary for survival)
  7. “Beauty” rituals that involve pain (piercing, tattooing, “branding”)
  8. Hoarding and slaughtering animals for religious purposes or for food (meat eating is replaced by Vegan ingenuity, transmutation of the elements, usage of more of the brain)
  9. Circumcision
  10. Sacrificing virgins to “appease the Gods”
  11. Non-trauma surgery (surgery to cure dis-ease will be done “from the inside out” via Balanced Thinking with God/Love to manifest ease)
  12. Belief in more than one God that is separate from the Self (this false conception is replaced with working knowledge of Oneness with the Divine Trinity)
  13. The prison/war economy dissolves as the meek inherit the Earth
  14. Considering women, certain classes of humans and animals in general to be subservient dissolves as each part of the whole is recognized as the whole
  15. Isolating specific elements and concentrating their usage disappears as Balance is manifested, and the dichotomy of manifesting “problem and solution” disappears

The shift from Homo barbarian to Homo Spiritus is mental; it can be done without time. Save time.

Copyright@ Darcie French 2020

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