Withdrawal of the senses

Mind cannot be eliminated. Mind is synonymous with Self/Soul/Source/Creator/God. The ego database of sensed observations can be transcended via withdrawal of the senses, but Mind cannot be withdrawn, neither temporarily or permanently. To say Mind can be eliminated is to say that God can die. It is a ludicrous supposition based purely in fantasy; based … Continue reading Withdrawal of the senses

Oneness with The Divine Trinity of Knowledge & Thinking

Knowledge can never be divided from Thinking to express Knowledge. Idea (Self/Stillness) and it's expression (body of motion) are One - they occur simultaneously in the Timelessness of the Divine Trinity of Light - there is no "going back and forth" in Reality, there is only rest in the qualitative nature of imagining dynamic ecstasy. … Continue reading Oneness with The Divine Trinity of Knowledge & Thinking

Allowing Relief

Identification with pure Awareness is like identifying with the greater Context of which all lesser content comes out of. All content is encapsulated by the belief in time, and identification with inherent limitation can only bring discontent. Let go of limiting content, realize Context, and the Self in all its glory “shines” forth as one's … Continue reading Allowing Relief

The way back home is filled with Joy

Pure Self-Awareness precedes consciousness, and without Awareness, consciousness could not exist. Identification with consciousness as the source of life is to believe in the possibility of going outside of Pure Awareness to associate with the idea of death. To identify without Source is to believe it is possible to self-associate with the concept of a … Continue reading The way back home is filled with Joy