Q & A with Darcie French on the eternal ecstasy of Mind

Q: God created the universe, yet remains unaware of the universe? How is that possible?

A: God is in full control of His balanced universe and yet is ever aware of the ecstasy of His balanced thinking only. It is the ecstasy of Knowing the perfect, balanced interchange between His two lights of creation – the extending mothering light and the retracting fathering light.

In the state in the fire, when the universe disappeared into the balanced interchanging lights of God’s thinking, there was only the pure ecstasy of being One with God’s thinking. I knew no fear during the escape from the house fire; I knew only ecstasy. I knew no grief afterwards, except for the seeming loss of the nonlinear ecstasy by the return of identification with perception. It took seven-eight years to re-align my thinking with the Self-Balance of the two interchanging lights and to find rest without residue, and to Know balance throughout all activity.

I love this quote from the Divine Iliad, as it describes how man alone conditions ecstatic Love by unbalanced thinking into agony.

Know thou that Mind of Me is ecstatic always. I know neither grief nor pain, sorrow nor compassion, anger nor wrath, for these are qualities of unbalance, and unbalance is not in My house. Know thou that these unbalanced qualities are product of man’s unbalanced thinking. They alone are in him. They are not in Me.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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