How to Manifest Love that endures

Command Unmanifest Love to Become Love Manifest by equal interchange between stillness and activity.

How does one command Love to beget Love? Match up the Inspiration in the Stillness with its Ecstatic Activity to manifest Love. Conception of idea without paired action cannot generate, nor reproduce, Love’s simulation. Without the activity of Love given to the Heavens for its rebirth in the Stillness of Inspiration, there is only degeneration. Degeneration by not following rest with activity is the road away from happiness. The pairs of opposites must interchange equally. Without rest, there can be no activity, and without the expression of the activity desired in rest to be expressed, there can be no rest.

Anger, grief, compassion for the errors of man’s thinking etc etc are absolutely not Qualities of God. Life is eternal and to avoid Inspiration and its balanced Activity is to manifest hell, not Heaven.

Follow Inspiration up with its Paired-in-Love Activity to embody idea that endures.

“The prize will not be handed over; it must be won” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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