Think with God, and invite messengers of Love

The Universal One forever extends the Qualities-in-One of Truth, Love, Balance and the Law to all of His creating things that rest in, and spring to life in Him. God’s creating things form the expanding Sonship of the One Creating Thing: the cat and the cow and the lady bug and the blade of grass all know the truth of what is shared by the Creator and how to, without outer direction, increase it. Man knows as well, but he has, en masse, mistakenly come to believe that he can increase his Love Life by taking from the Sonship vs giving.

Nothing real can be increased, except by sharing.” (ACIM).

God gives Love to be reGiven. What One gives out, One gets back. What One extends, One is. God is Balanced Love. God gives Love that is forever reGiven in a perfectly balanced way, continuously. No Love is ever wasted, destroyed, or withheld. All that is expressed from this Love returns to it, for re-expression.

All that is expressed from man also returns to him to find rest in him for its re-expression. Extend anger, hatred, blame etc to the Sonship, and that is what man believes he is. An imaged sense recording is all a hateful man is; he does not reflect, nor extend, the Truth backing the Idea of Man in the Mind of God.

Think with God and extend only Love, and only Love will return for re-expression.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


2 thoughts on “Think with God, and invite messengers of Love

  1. Mason White

    Hello. How do you know so-called “other” people actually have their own minds, and aren’t merely projections from your own?

    It could be that they are just characters in your dream with no minds of their own and no self-awareness.

    They would have no inner-life, no more than a robot that looked and behaved exactly like a human would.

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