A metaphysical explanation of time with video

One is not at the mercy of time; time is a play thing of the Mind of God. Time does not exist in the way we think it does. God’s hour glass never runs out like man’s seems to do.

In God’s hour glass there is no top of the hour glass to start the still sands of time temporarily flowing from, nor bottom for them to find permanent rest in. The forward flow of time interchanges with the backward flow and time spent is voided, and repeated.

The time of death is set at birth by the length of the story to be unfolded. Time is discharged by unfolding, only to return its charge by refolding. Only the ego, lead by the senses, defines time and decsribes it with fear.

“Spirit in its knowledge is unaware of the ego” (ACIM)

The ego looks at the Son of God and says that his time runs out. Listen not to the fraidy-cat ego, and rest in spirit’s truth.


This video doesn’t exist

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