Follow Me Home

When your Knowing places you at the still center of the universe which you are creating, so that all of its power stems from your Knowing instead of your sensing, then you are that power which extends from the still center which is YOU into that electric universe of your body and its extensions which you are creating.” (Walter Russell)

Follow Me, or fall low

Me with a capital “M” is the Higher Self that one does not perceive through the electrical senses, it is the unified in Power Source Self that one Knows. Follow Me to innate Knowledge, or fall low to belief given to the deceptive senses; the play is one of ascension. Follow the Higher Self, or seem as if to fall behind. Man, unKnowing, acts out his lines in the play, and as he does so, naturally ascends to Know His Self. No parts in the play are better or worse than others. To follow Me is to do what one loves, whatever it is, without settling for substitutions.

Follow Thy Self, until Oneness is Known 24/7, and there is no longer a game of catch and throw. Follow Me to the height of Knowledge once and for all, or fall low into ignorance again and again. Follow Me Home, and live forever in Me.


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