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Creating Heaven on Earth

Q: “How do we create “heaven on earth” and what would that look like?”

A: The Kingdom of Heaven is the State of Mind that is known as the dynamic, interchanging qualities of the balanced ecstasy of Love given for re-giving. Between the dually sex-conditioned electrical lights of “Adam and Eve” or directions of spin of concentration/contraction/gravity and decentration/expansion/radiation that act/react together simultaneously, there is absolute balance of interchanging direction as action and reaction are sequentially repeated in reverse. The directions of gravity and radiation occur simultaneously and then gravity reverses to become radiation and radiation reverses to become gravity.

Action and reaction are equal and opposite, and are expressed simultaneously. Sequentially they are repeated in reverse, the reaction becoming the action and the action becoming the reaction” (from Walter and Lao Russell’s study course Part 3).

The “zero point of stillness” wherein one is qualitatively one with the knowledge of the balanced interchange of action/reaction and sequential reversal is the non-dimensional Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (or in any other dimension).

How the state of supreme inner balance is manifested within dimension is up to the activity that occurs that is based on the inspiration that arises from the State. Activity that inspires others to know this ecstasy endures, because it is desired to be repeated.

You might enjoy this meditation video from Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Science Foundation Academy that illustrates how the energy of Being one with Love is naturally extended to all of the universe as one rests in the central Stillness of Love’s balanced interchange.

In ACIM it is said, “I need do nothing” and indeed, in the Stillness one need do nothing but rest in the all-encompassing knowledge of Love being Love. Inspiration to manifest the balanced quality of Love being Love in quantity is within the Kingdom of Heaven (“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you” said Jesus also, who was master metaphysician). Meditation is the way to “seek the Kingdom“. And then to “add everything“, one need simply to put in action the inner inspiration as dictated by the desire in Mind to express it. Music, art, dance etc .. cultural activities that express the beauty of balanced interchange are the ones that inspire others.

All of the Love in the universe is within you: you are Love. How you desire to express it, and share it with the world to inspire others to manifest Heaven, will come to you directly through inner knowledge.

Click on the image below to learn more about the Resonance Academy. For links to Walter and Lao Russell’s course, click here.


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Follow Me Home

When your Knowing places you at the still center of the universe which you are creating, so that all of its power stems from your Knowing instead of your sensing, then you are that power which extends from the still center which is YOU into that electric universe of your body and its extensions which you are creating.” (Walter Russell)

Follow Me, or fall low

Me with a capital “M” is the Higher Self that one does not perceive through the electrical senses, it is the unified in Power Source Self that one Knows. Follow Me to innate Knowledge, or fall low to belief given to the deceptive senses; the play is one of ascension. Follow the Higher Self, or seem as if to fall behind. Man, unKnowing, acts out his lines in the play, and as he does so, naturally ascends to Know His Self. No parts in the play are better or worse than others. To follow Me is to do what one loves, whatever it is, without settling for substitutions.

Follow Thy Self, until Oneness is Known 24/7, and there is no longer a game of catch and throw. Follow Me to the height of Knowledge once and for all, or fall low into ignorance again and again. Follow Me Home, and live forever in Me.