To Know the Interchange is to Know Love Begetting Love

The Interchange between Knowing and thinking is the Pulse of Life. All Knowledge expressed is first conceived in Mind in the Stillness, and then thought to appearance and back to disappearance by division of the Stillness to set it in seeming motion through the steady, non-deviant rhythms of the Pulse of Life. Everything in God’s Nature is expressed in exactly the same way by the pairs of heterosexual opposites; the distinct notes of the One Song of Life never deviate from Knowledge being sequentially thought into its parts by divisions of wholeness, and then sequentially thought back to its whole in reverse.

Knowing the Qualities-in-One of this Interchange is ineffable. The closest I can come to describing this Pure Interchange is to Know only continuous, nonlinear, nonphysical Self Climax that is the epitome of Well Being and never falls from its pinnacle nor deviates from the Perfectly Balanced Interchange of the Quality of Love. To Know the Pulse of Life as being one with the Source of it is to be in Perfect Love with Perfect Love. To simulate this Perfect Balance in one’s own body, relations with fellow man, and inventions to make life easier is to manifest the Supreme.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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