Homo Spiritus taking His place in the creating universe

If you are wondering about the metaphysics of creating vs the belief that the creative universe will disappear from perception “for good”, check out Walter and Lao Russell’s “Atomic Suicide“.

The creating universe does not disappear; belief in being separate from Creator by creation disappears. We forgot to laugh at the idea of death, and in our seriousness decided to separate from Knowledge of Life. The decision was to behold in our brothers the idea of death and cling to it in desperation, vs rest in the Pulse of Life for loving inspiration about “what next”.

In the state in the fire, the creating universe that disappeared from perception continued without my intervention. The body continued doing its task – escaping from a house fire – while I was completely unaware of its existence (or the seeming terror at hand), and only aware of Oneness with the Light of God that is Love Being Love. Eventually, mankind will Know of both Oneness with Love, and the perception of duality, or the illusion of One Magnetic, Imperceptible Light split into pairs of perceptual electrical light rings. He will Know that Oneness with the Magnetic Light is His Reality and Identity, and that creating the illusion of electrical activity is his hobby.

Everyone is already enlightened, as the saying goes. Awareness of Oneness with the Magnetic Light is so electrically circuit-shorting at this stage of man’s unfoldment that one doesn’t necessarily recall the Memory. Oneness happens nightly, and is forgotten daily. It took years to be able to recall the Memory of God in the state in the fire of Oct 2009 without melting back into it, and becoming non-functional in the world of ego. It took years for the newly inspired (enlightened) brain connections to replace the old, and to begin to write about the state with a different vocabulary to suit. The vocabulary was present in the State Itself, but to break Word down into words takes great effort, and much practice to “get it right”.

I am ahead of time, it seems, being able to write about the state of divine union that, at this point in man’s evolution, temporarily, but completely, wipes out the use of perception when it is recalled. It no longer wipes out perception for the writer; I am able to recall it, and describe it to the best of my perceptual ability. Perception is necessary to teach.

The masses will catch up; homo barbarian will completely unfold to Homo Spiritus. At that stage in the ascension, everyone will have 360 degree perception of the hologram of electric light rings, and Know of union with its One Magnetic Source. Non-dimensional Oneness will be Known, simultaneous with perception of creation from all angles. Nothing will be left hidden – the fear-based need to make one unconscious to creation will be left behind. One will Know at once that all of creation is an illusion of Light, and one is the Light.

We, seemingly stuck with the idea of death, but really just still so young in our evolution that we are literally not yet able to perceive or describe beyond it, cannot yet fathom the glory that is ahead, as Homo Spiritus releases the idea of death from Mind, and takes His Knowing place in the creating universe.

And yet, we will. ❤



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