Duality cannot separate One from Knowing the Truth of Origin

The ego, being uncompromisingly attached to perception, believes that lack of seeming presence of the substance of God means rejection by an absent God. Yet God’s creating universe is perfectly symmetrical. There is a negative invisible half for every visible positive. Humanity must forgive the belief in only positive “bodies of evidence” as being valuable, in order to void the unreality of perception of only the positive, and accept the Value and Reality of the nonlinear Origin of both the negative and the positive.

One is one with God as His Idea of Man, One is inseparable from the Mind of God. “Others” are not separate from God’s Idea: there are no others.  There is One Idea expressed in multitude. Formed concept does not separate from the Origin of its conception, it is an extension. Every person is an extension of the Idea of Man in the Mind of God.

And yet the ego looks at bodies as if they are alien from God’s Idea of Man, and therefore kept separate from their creator. God’s Idea of Man is the creator of like-bodies, made in God’s image. God’s image is the positive-negative symmetry. One is God’s Idea of Man; One lives with God, regardless of whether the image of one is in its positive or negative state. The embodiment of God’s Idea as Man sees fit is the creative right endowed to Man by God, and yet, the literary body is looked at by the ego of consciousness as if it is separate from its illiterate Truth – as if it is a lie. It is believed to be apart from God’s Mind, somehow, cast from its Source, vs an extension of it. Yet reflections do not lie about their connection to the idea they reflect. A beaver does not lie about the Idea backing it in the Mind of God; it reflects exactly what God’s Idea of a beaver is. A shadow cannot lie about it’s reliance on the sun.

Oneness cannot be Known through identification with the experiencer of a projected event horizon, only as identity given to the projection is surrendered. Yet neither the projection, nor the experience of identifying with it, actually separate one from Knowing the Truth of Origin. Not Knowing is a decision that can be unmade, one may “decide again” (ACIM).

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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