There is only rest with periods of activity

“There is no subconscious Mind. Mind is not stratified. There is only Mind at rest, and Mind in action — which means thinking.” (Walter Russell)

Mind at rest is One Reality. Mind in action produces the effect of sensed matter in motion that only seemingly divides Oneness into duality. Duality is not actual; duality is actually interchange between opposing pairs. The senses detect only seeming outer change and cannot detect the interchange between the visible and the invisible, and so death, while visible life is preponderant, is feared. Yet death of the visible body is nothing but total relaxing of the senses back to their Source, which releases them back to the seed of their idea. Death of the body is a non-event because it is a non-activity.

Beyond the boundaries of the cube wave field, the imaged spheres within it cannot go; they must reverse their preponderantly depleting charge at the end of the charge’s life span and thus return to activity.

Night time is a natural wave field boundary that depolarizes imaged activity back to rest for repolarization. No image can be observed without necessary sleep requirements.

Death of the body is due to reaching a natural wave field boundary that seemingly disappears imaged activity back to rest. No image can go beyond death’s boundaries. Yet the disappearance of an image is a non-event; sleeping doesn’t ‘happen’ to the sleeper.

There is no ‘afterlife’; there is only what one is thinking now, interchanging with periods of rest. The Pulse of Life is the interchange between rest and activity in the Mind of God. All activity springs from rest with a specified amount of charge to discharge over time; activity in preponderance is only visible because the invisible has not yet regained preponderance, and the same applies to vice versa. The senses detect only a small portion of ongoing interchange that seems to be outer change; they cannot Know the truth of eternal Oneness with God that never changes.

The desire to sleep is the same desire to leave the physicality at the natural end of its active period. The non-event of death is very much wanted, when the natural time to reverse one’s charge comes.

The ego, lead by the deceptions of the senses, believes the idea of death to be real and terrifying vs unreal and desired.  There is no hell, nor heaven, beyond the ideas of them believed to be real, seemingly playing out on God’s cosmic stage.

All of the actors rest in God forever, and act out idea some of the time. Free will determines whether one thinks of the heavenly, or one thinks of hell. The masses are programmed by resistance to the draw of the Kingdom of Heaven to think of and manifest hell. The Son of God is resented and blamed by the ego only for his release of the body. “Accepting the Atonement for self” (ACIM) accepts the draw to think of heaven, and manifests the Qualities of God in one’s periods of activity.

The seeming levels of consciousness of the waking actors are but different projected scripts of idea, believed-to-be true, and then passed down over the eons. None of them hold any reality in the eternal Reality of rest in Source. “Mind is not stratified”.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


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