Awakening to My Own Timeline

The beginning of the last two weeks of the year 2007 marked the end of fearful attention paid to the timeline of the spacetime calendar.

Prior to the opening up of my spectrum of perception to include the never was manifest of God’s Idea of Man that I am, it was as if I was in the dark womb of my own manifesting concept’s evolution. It took the dawning of the Light of My Own Origin to awaken me, to the illusions of beingness that I’d until then, beheld as real.

The discovery was that I am the one, with God’s Still-Light-leveraging tools for creating, to set the cosmic clock of experience within the illusion of the dimension of time from a Unified-in-God state of Timelessness. I am the one to make a calendar of effects to observe from different viewpoints of motivations. I decide on the length of the ‘year’ it takes to do a full rotation around the seed-source of my idea, and on length of the ‘day’ it takes for a revolution between a period of charge and a period of discharge, and on what kind of growth I want to observe within those periods. I set the symmetry of charge and discharge of what I desire to express, by marking off outer boundaries of the cube, to reflect inner desire as the sphere.

That which I am, one with Source, is already potential in place, is not periodical, and needs no growth as if to move to become more, and no death as if to move to become less. In order to experience myself as potential out of place, but in its own period of life, I set, by the projection of the seed of my idea to a dimension of space and time, the Stillness of I Am in seeming motion. This motion is only seeming, it is only an ‘extension of omnipresent Stillness into omnipresent Stillness’ (Walter Russell). This motion is directed by the Timelessness I wind up into time to be unwound, and by the distance decided from Center of Thought-Giving to outer boundary planes that I mark off, as Points-of-Regiving, where the projected radii return to Observant Source, and seem to suspend the moving potentials of all the working parts of my conception in place.

I am one with the storage battery of timeline at the Timeless Center of the seed of my idea, and together as One, we give seeming life to all of the systems thus polarized, and take them back in seeming death, for re-borning again in life, as appropriated by desire for them. I am one, not with the seeming motion of discharge, but one with the One Who Gives the system’s battery its charge to store, and one with the One Who Receives its calendar of discharge.

I woke up from the deep sleep of my concept’s initial stages to notice nothing but the perfection of its maturity. There was still plenty of it left for the knowing enjoyment of the unwinding, I noticed, and yet time no longer marched on, inching in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds, towards my death. Time but marches back to the Zero Point of Timelessness from which it came. I had been afraid of nothing, it turns out, but awakening to my own timeline.

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