Seek enlightenment vs suicide

Please, if you are considering suicide, read this first. In a suicide, whether it be individual, group, or global, for a flash experienced through varying degrees of seeming division from Love, there is the seeming of eternal hell. This flash-of-being-in-hell is absolutely unavoidable; the only way to avoid it is avoid the thought of suicide.

There is mental recall of suicide, of this flash of eternal hell. Every day, the masses who do not know of their Oneness with God are in essence committing passive suicide by living in hellish conditions. The Law of Love, generate or degenerate, is not Known to the masses programmed by the ego to take and thus project suffering and loss into the cube-o-sphere: much of the world is in a state of degeneration. The nonlinear memory of suicide, which bears no association with space or time, is but a flash of knowingness, similar in its presentation to a flash of transcendent Knowledge, yet very, very different in quality.

The flash of knowingness with suicide is one of immeasurable grief. The body is there during this flash, but completely incapacitated; one cannot use it to instead creatively extend Love, and for an instant the belief is that the capacity to do so is gone forever. This flash is felt in different degrees of seeming all throughout the field of consciousness. The capacity to extend Love creatively through the body is not gone forever with suicide, yet the grief at this believed-in-a-flash loss is indescribably debilitating.

The flash of transcendent Knowledge that occurred in the state in the fire was like taking all of the doses of LSD in the world at once. My fourteen year old commented upon hearing the description, “that would be like death”. Indeed. It was divine that I could still walk and talk. I was, in many ways, like a kind of brain injury survivor. It took years to be physically able to make the body resume its prior expressions, postures and activities without experiencing extreme anxiety and fatigue, and to command the brain to put the Knowledge into effect.

I would willingly repeat the flash of transcendent Knowledge over and over and over again. Eight years after it, the brain has seemed to recover and its physiology has changed for the better. Periods of illumination but with form still present continued, and the anxiety turned into inner peace that cannot be disturbed by outer effect. The Knowledge in that flash can now seem to begin to be dynamically expressed.

The suicide flash, on the other hand, seemed to speed up the motion of death.  I would not willingly repeat it. To commit suicide is, to, for a flash that feels just as eternal as the transcendent one, seem as if to totally disconnect from Love. This disconnection is only for the flash, but it feels like eternity, and it’s after-effects are just as much of a set back to one’s evolution as the after-effects of a flash of transcendence are conducive to evolving ahead of time.

One is good with God, always. One is forever inseparably intertwined in the Love of God, one has only forgotten the memory of this Interchange in Source for a time. The forgetting is only seeming; Love cannot leave nor be left.

Seek enlightenment vs suicide. One is ever Guiltless in God; this is one’s absolute Birthright to Know.



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