Manifest Heaven in the Theater of Love

The Voice for God has always been and will always be; the voice for ego only seems to drown it out. Driven by the impossible goal to satisfy the senses, the voice for ego is nothing but a loud dictator that blows hot air in the face of Authority.

Without Knowing Oneness with God, man knows of nothing but a collection of imaged sense records.

“I am nothing without Christ”. Man is nothing but a sensed image without Knowing Source.

The ego drives one to hang onto these sense records, which creates the sense of a “past” that needs tending too. The Christ cannot be contained in sense recording.

There is no past that binds the Christ to illusion. Time is illusion. There is nothing to tend too. There is only eternal rest with periods of seeming activity. What one creates with the power of Now is never made real, it returns to the Rest of Reality.

Forget the ego and its trials in the theater of the absurd. Manifest Heaven in the Theater of Love, Now.

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