All one knows of death

From a point of total rest in eternal Love does Mind divide the power of that rest to extend the temporarily appearing electrical activities of the universe in motion called ‘living beings’. Each is one with this Power at rest and one is never divided by the illusions of motion. Mind is God’s; one is irrevocably eternally entwined with God as His Idea.

“Death is eternal life” (Walter Russell).

Fear of death is fear of cessation of electrical motion and of rest in eternal life. One is always at rest in eternal life; there is nothing to fear but the idea of death. Fear of death is fear of losing identity-in-motion to stillness. Yet stillness is always and motion is an optical illusion that disappears  – fear arises only by the perception of illusion disappearing. When the senses rest, fear cannot arise; only the peace of God is noted. Rest at night, or in death, is rest in “Brahma’s Night”. When the senses rest, one is at rest in Life, preparing for Brahma’s next Day.

Fear of God is fear of Brahma’s Night; it is first fear of what can’t be known through the electrical senses of the day. Electrical fear routinely dissolves in the Knowledge innate to Love’s Magnetic Being: all electrical activity lays down to recover in Love. One could not ‘find’ the energy to divide the stillness into electrical activity without first the Knowledge of being at rest in it.

Fear of death is actually fear of rest in the stillness of the Life Pulse of God. Yet it matters not what one believes; whether one believes oneself to be ‘worthy’ or not of eternal life, eternal life is what God gives.

The Quality of Being at rest in Love is all one Knows of death.

Copyright@Darcie French all rights reserved


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