A Queen of Grand Mothers Knows to Laugh

Acts were not necessary before the separation, because belief in space and time did not exist.” (ACIM)

The separation itself is also a belief; it is the ‘tiny, mad idea’ the Son forgot to laugh at. Acts were not necessary prior to the belief in separation as the Son of God needed no reassurance of the Father’s Love.

My always happy, always loving 3 y/o granddaughter is scheduled for surgery this Friday to have her adenoids removed. My daughter told me the story about getting her blood work drawn for the first time. My daughter was nervous. I was on the phone with her as they entered the hospital to get the work done. My daughter asked my granddaughter, “Are you feeling nervous?” “Nope!” I heard her chirp in reply, “I am feeling happy, mom!” The lab technicians appeared a bit nervous, though, when they heard it was a 3 y/o’s first time getting ‘poked’ with the needle. Two of them geared up to hold her down and put her through a fit of tears.

They didn’t have to hold her down as they stuck the needle in. This little Queen of Grand Mothers apparently needed no reassurance of her ‘place’ in happiness. She forgot to cry, and she burst into laughter. ❀

2 thoughts on “A Queen of Grand Mothers Knows to Laugh

  1. Hello. I sent you two questions through your Q & A form, which must not have been received. So, I hope it is okay to ask them here. Did God create an infinite number of universes, or just this one? And, are we able to “reset” our Karma somehow, or must we live it out until it is played out fully? Thank you. πŸ™‚


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