Q & A with Darcie French on the solipsism of the ego vs Knowledge of Conception in Source

Q: Darcie, what are your thoughts on solipsism? Does each person have their own individual thoughts/emotions/consciousness, or am I just projecting them, like in a dream where I am the only one real?

I was not familiar with solipsism’s definition so I looked it up. From Merriam Webster: “Solipsism: a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing; also:extreme egocentrism.”

The field of consciousness is seeded with all potential that can be projected onto the screen of it. The Universal One is one Being that appears to be many. Every ‘individual’ person is an expression of desire from the Soul of God for the one Idea of Man. Every person rests all aspects of seeming individuality (emotional “IQ”, “level of consciousness”, “individual” thoughts) in the one Idea of Man as it is Thought, and therefore Given Love, by the One Being Love.

Manifesting only Knowledge of Love is the goal for all of the actors in the cosmic play, in order to Know and Be One.

“Extreme egocentrism” obviously isn’t rest in Knowledge of God’s Love for the Idea of Man; egocentrism arises from attachment to the perception of personal modification to the idea.

Let go of putting value into perception of what appears as Self manifest, and egocentrism disappears into the living conception of God’s Idea of it. Knowledge of one’s conception in the Mind of God is desire fulfilled in quality. Self can only Find, Know, and Be Love.

“Seek Me. Know Me. Be Me.” (Divine Iliad)

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