My Own Perfect Love

I give myself over to the Holy Spirit and I take care of myself. I listen to the Christ within and peace prevails. I let the Voice for God decide and I melt in the arms of my own Perfect Love.

Of my own personal accord, of the ego part of mind that made a foundation to live out duality upon, I would not be so kind to myself. Of my own accord I would rail against “the unfairness of it all”. But to what end? Truly, I want only Love.

ACIM says peace prevails when everyone is welcome in mind without the past, and that guilt, or gravitation towards suffering, is basically “not allowed” on this path, because guilt over the past makes up the block that obscures the Love of Present Reality. Krishna said basically the same thing to Arjuna when he told him to stand up and fight; He told him to be true to his Guiltless Self – he said, “forget about ego’s sob story”.

If God could talk, I might hear Him say, “Just be what you think you are, and surrender everything (the results of your thinking) unto Me. I will dissolve them for you, when you no longer believe you want what you have made.”

To truly do self-care I am welcome in my own mind no matter what; I am as welcome as I am to God, my Source. I am to be loving to myself in order to dissolve a world that I founded on the belief in pain, because Love is my only true function. Love undoes the pain, and it never was. And so I have learned to “wear the world like a light garment”, to simply look away from ego’s story, especially when I seem to insist on looking, and to put myself back in the arms of my own Perfect Love.







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