Everybody’s the good guy

Belief in attack is what brings the Son of God to mind as a terrorist. With acceptance of the Atonement, one realizes that the terrorist is Still the Son of God, who, in Reality, only wants the Father’s Love. The Father’s Love is his only desire. He does not, when all is said and done, want to be a “terrorist” anymore than anyone wants to be terrorized. He does not want to be separated from Love.

And yet, there is this belief in attack that compels the son to terrorize. The so-called terrorist fully believes he is preventing further attack; he may take conscious glory in that prevention, or it may be terribly grievous to him. Either way, the world has been at war, attacking to try and prevent attack, for most of its history. For peace to happen, the belief in attack must be surrendered to the Supreme Controller, who would have His One Child Know only One Love.

Everybody believes they are the good guys,” said an ex-CIA agent who realized in the course of her career that every individual believes in their own cause.

Socrates said it too, long ago, “No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, for the good he seeks.”

To bring the Son of God Home, forgive the son of man his beliefs.

Bomb them with teddy bears,” said Dr David R Hawkins.

(They only want Love)

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