Letting go of the good, the bad and the ugly

Consciousness contains all content: the good, the bad and the ugly, as the saying goes. Material nature operates via the same three modes – ignorance, passion, and goodness. While without Power Source none of the modes of material living could even exist to produce their related content, living conditioned by the material modes has nothing to do with Awareness of Source, and what it means to Rest in it. Even the top end of the mode of goodness, living a so called “spiritual” lifestyle, as beautiful as it is, falls indescribably short of knowing Source, straight up.

Devotion to a life of surrendering the material – devotional nonduality – brings the Knowledge of Source back to Awareness by dissolving the blocks to it. Experience can be bought and sold within consciousness as much as one likes, but Awareness of Source arises freely, as a consequence of letting all thoughts about experience away from it go.


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