In the absence of all else

Consciousness has recorded everything, and it can all be watched anytime on “the big screen of life”, but due to its transient nature, none of it has any real, lasting meaning. All I can really Know, permanently, is Knowledge that comes not from consciousness, but from Awareness of Self, from the nonlinear quality of that which is only Love.

I did “the work” for over a decade – a year of meditation, treks to see an enlightened master, endless hours of time watching and reading about spiritual teachers on stage, reading the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is three times – etc. I can regurgitate symbols appropriately to mimic what the intellect absorbed in the process; in that sense, I could go on forever as a “talking head”.

Thank-you, Darcie, for all your hard work, but the means are not the end, and so you may let them go. There was only this as the “message” or “lesson” from the work, and it came not from reaching out, but from Within ~ in the absence of consciousness, I eternally remain, as only Love.



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