I love you for the truth in you

As a child in Sunday school I didn’t understand why Jesus would love me. When I sang the song “Jesus loves me, this I know” I didn’t know it, and I sang it full of doubt.

Jesus doesn’t love me for what I have made of myself. He doesn’t love me for my ego because he can only love what is, not what has been made to appear out of nothing. He loves me for the Truth of me that is no thing.

Attachment love is a kind of love projected outside of the Kingdom of God/Heaven/Source that is dependent on the interaction between a this and a that. Attachment love depends on a split mind; there must be separation between parts, first, for the idea of attachment to occur. Without a split mind, there would be no need for recovery of something perceived to be split from. The Complete Mind has everything already complete, and doesn’t notice the idea of a split from completeness.

With perception of differences, the mind seemingly splits away from the Kingdom of God, which is fully complete, fully “Self-Serving” of its own accord. Love needs no things to represent One Loving Thought. Powered by God’s pure love for His Son, belonging to the Kingdom is all that one could ever want or ever need.

As a child, the split mind had deemed itself to be undesirable to its Source. The fact that Jesus loves me for the Truth of me was unknown, blocked by the belief in separation from our mutual Source.

In temporal time it took years to understand the actual difference between attachment love and unconditional love. But it happened in only an instant. It happened the instant I saw the truth of me that Jesus loves that has nothing to do with the split mind. In an instant I Knew the Absolute Truth that is the basis for all love.

Jesus is my brother, as are you. We share the Source of Jesus’ love for the Truth in all. This innately shared love is unconditional, it knows no limits of form. It doesn’t depend on a this and a that, and therefore it cannot be subject to gain or loss. It arises from the Kingdom of Heaven, wherein we siblings are joined not by bodies, but by being the eternal extension or Self of our Creator’s Love.

Jesus looks past all conception of error and extends love as he loves me for the truth of me. And I, too, extend love when I look beyond the physical, and love you for the truth of you.


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