Straight to the Absolute Truth about Everything

The Holy Spirit or the Voice for God, which exists in all of us as the very Right-Minded Memory of Self, does not look at differences in perception. He sees past illusion; He is Truth. The ego says to look at perceived differences and make something out of them. All that is made of them by ego, though, is more illusion, because something can never be made out of nothing.

There may be a learning curve with the decision to listen to the Holy Spirit vs the ego; there may be learning in general (learning utilizes perception) until one realizes there is actually no decision to make at all. In looking straight through the perceived differences to the Actual Truth, one realizes there was no reason to look at the differences, and therefore there could be no reason to decide between them.

God, in Creation which is an eternal extension of Perfect Beingness, has given all one could ever want and ever need. The thought, “things could be different” separates from all that is Innately Provided. Thoughts of differences occlude the Voice for God that says, “All is Perfection.” The belief in separation produces a seemingly split mind, one that can then only be confused about its Origin. The idea of lack comes up. This idea is painful, but only because it isn’t true.

The ego only ever questions. It has an infinite number of questions about the differences in perception and it is this questioning and seeking to answer within the material world that perceptually leads away from Truth. The ego’s questioning and answering forever categorizes between perceived good (that which is desirable) and perceived bad (that which is undesirable), but this compartmentalization of content can never recognize the underlying Perfection of Being. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, only ever Answers as Perfection.

There are no differences. Lack is an illusion, based in the belief in separation by constantly falling away perception. Perfection is changeless; it is always Perfection. Spirit Is, full and complete as It was Created. Lacking nothing, it Is everything. Ego does everything to convince otherwise.

Spiritual volition, then, arises from a totally different paradigm than personal intention. Spiritual volition creates of Its own Accord, by eternal extension of Itself, which is God’s Love. Personal intention, or the individual will to manifest, is based in perceived lack, and therefore produces “proof” of limitations. Erroneous perception can be corrected by listening to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit never sees the illusion of lack. He is ever looking straight to the Absolute Truth for Everything.

If personal intention and spiritual volition match up, there cannot be perceived lack. When intention and volition are in alignment, the individual will, and God’s Will, are recognized to be One in the same. Only ego whims to but perceive difference, and its perceptions are not noted by Oneness.

Perception can never know what is innately already full in Itself, because perception separates from that which is already complete. Perception seemingly fragments and scatters the whole into parts. The only intention need ever be set, then, in order to be eternally complete, is the intention to wholly know Thy Self.

The path is straight and narrow – waste no time” (Dr David R Hawkins)

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