The Order of Creation

The Order of the Tearing Apart/Building  Up Process of Ceating – and how as Man violates that order, there is suffering for All

Q: What if consuming other anything was just another obvious clue to our being perpetually One, Here, Now?  That all that killing, knawing, chewing, was just that, our unified thought temporary self manifested in a projection perception, just like all ‘other’ separation is?  What if there is no ‘other’ separation, no ‘other’ time, no ‘other’ space place, all just our unified self manifestation of self?

A: There’s an order of tearing apart/building up as per universal law that works to manifest a “Goldilocks Zone” or “Garden of Eden” for all – the mineral kingdom serves the vegetable kingdom, the vegetable kingdom serves the animal Kingdom and the animals are gardeners keeping the vegetable kingdom going along with Man who has “Dominion” as top Gardener – caring for all the kingdoms via knowledge of Oneness with the Law – looking after the animals as well as the soil and the plants, and only tearing down the plants for their resurrection. When Man chews/tears down the wrong kingdom,  the Garden collapses. It’s the same law violation when we take radioactive elements out of their proper place in tearing apart rock into soil, and they tear apart flesh in the atmosphere.

Copyright@Darcie French 2022

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