Let Us Progress

Let us progress in our understanding of Divine Nature beyond the belief that embodiment is anything. It is nothing! Let us go beyond the sense of entrapment, blame and fear that arises from teachings that condemn imagination and its effects. These teachings come not from Divinity, but from the intellect of sensed observations.

Is Divinity disturbed by the effect of Creation? No! Does Divine Nature favor the sun that radiates or “bangs” over the black hole that gravitates or “sucks”? No!

The Divine Point (Life) of interchanging gravitation and radiation (Life’s expression) favors neither half of the one Idea divided into an interchanging two. To Divinity, ecstasy lies in the balanced expression of the Idea of Dynamic Life that the sun (Adam) and black hole (Eve) are in One, as they are equally imagined. Qualitatively, the balanced expression of the Idea of Dynamic Life is known as changeless ecstasy!

Life (Reality) and it’s expression (illusion of embodiment) are One. They cannot be separated. One cannot “do something” or “be a different way” in order to cease the effect of embodiment! Simply cease identification with the illusion of embodiment to rest in the Reality of Absolute Nature.

The body will continue to breath in and out (aka “live” and “die”) without intervention or attention. It is a seemingly objective outer effect of inner Subjectivity. So what? There is no meaning in outer effect.

All meaning is in the subjective ecstasy of the Divine One Who eternally imagines breathing. Align your identity with Divinity, and the body is an expression of ecstasy.

Copyright@Darcie French 2022

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