Let us Erase Confusion-ism

Confusion-ism seems to be a popular "religion" among those who don't realize Oneness with the Law of Love and the indelible manifestation of "good" or "bad" experience. Potential universal operating rules are imagined and whole enterprises arise from guess work and experimentation. Let's erase the confusion and cease experimenting. The Law of Love backing the … Continue reading Let us Erase Confusion-ism

Let Us Progress

Let us progress in our understanding of Divine Nature beyond the belief that embodiment is anything. It is nothing! Let us go beyond the sense of entrapment, blame and fear that arises from teachings that condemn imagination and its effects. These teachings come not from Divinity, but from the intellect of sensed observations. Is Divinity … Continue reading Let Us Progress

Q&A on withdrawal of the senses

GM this post goes nicely with answering your questions about thinking - God's Thinking is Balanced and thus the division of One Stillness into an interchanging two, presenting (to the senses) the illusion of appearance/disappearance/reappearance of effect of that division is KNOWN eternally, qualitatively, as interchanging ecstasy. To 'think about' the database of sensed observations … Continue reading Q&A on withdrawal of the senses

In search of the fruitless

Q: I am working on tracking down the original thought that is the basis for the so called database of ego.  It could be the sensed thought "I AM."  If one really is not, as in deep sleep or when they are flowing and only NOW, which does not form a memory, this thinking mind … Continue reading In search of the fruitless