Can the Mind be killed or eliminated?

Q: Darcie French in her writing work has taken a different view of the mind or so that is my impression.  Perhaps she can comment on this aspect of mind so I will be clear on this “elimination” of mind.

(Many so called sages write that “Killing or eliminating the Mind” is a path to spiritual enlightenment. This sentiment, which is wholly based in the belief in separation from Source/Mind,  leads not to enlightenment but to murder and suicide, and thus repetition of suffering vs the non-eventful eternal manifestation of the Self.)

A: Mind, the way I know it and the way Walter Russell describes it, and even Jesus Christ would have described it, is synonymous with Soul, Self, God, Creator, Source.

Body is an inseperable EFFECT of Mind. “I am my Father are One”.

God’s body is man’s body, and man’s body is God’s body. Command and control the body with God, and rest in the divine ecstasy of Balanced Creativity, and body is simply an effect, a ‘non-event’.

Command and control the body via the unbalanced thinking of the belief in separation and there are unwanted effects in the body that seem to supercede or overwhelm the ecstatic State by periodicities of events (suffering). Perhaps it is ‘mind’ with a small ‘m’, synonymous with the belief in the impossibility of a ‘separated self’, that this author and many others write about?

If so, in essence,  they would then be saying, “kill the belief in separation.” 

David R. Hawkins , in his work, seems to make this distinction by the use of Capitalization when speaking to Knowledge of Oneness and non-capitalization when speaking to the belief in separation.

He also developed a map of consciousness (R) that represents, on a logarithmic scale, the qualities of the Mind of God and the qualities of the ‘mind’ of the believed to be separated.

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