Center Creation to Express Balance

“Why does God allow suffering” is a question often asked of spiritual teachers. The answer is that suffering occurs as universal laws are violated; however God does not allow suffering to continue, and always corrects it.

If we balance creation with God by centering it with Love, all interchanging pairs of opposing spirals that express the motion of creation are balanced.

A centered creation is based in expressing God. God is Love. Love is Balance.

A centered creation expresses the Goldilocks Zone for the blissful unfolding of all creatures.

Why is our earth tilted unnaturally at 23.4 degrees? Why is the heart tilted at this same angle? Why are our bodies not perfectly symmetrical? We are suffering from various unwanted physical effects because we are not mentally centering creation with Love. We are off center and we suffer the effects of our own unbalanced thinking.

Creation is a 3D circle, or sphere. Centering it essentially divides it into 90 degree triangles which can be multiplied into infinity. Each triangle is a spiral that is paired with its opposite to express the Balanced Stillness at the center in rhythmic, balanced pulsations as the pairs interchange roles.

If we operated at the proper angle by centering ourselves with Love, we would not be noting all the effects of the Earth being “on tilt”. Our hearts would truly be geared to Love. No human or animal would suffer. Every body would be in sync with the order of creation as its foundation based in Love is expressed through the divine rhythms of the pulse of Life.

The Goldilocks Zone would be around the equator, and the poles uninhabitable.

The Earth will naturally resume it’s proper angle, as the Balance of the Creator cannot be permanently upset.

Center your body with Love. The current poles will become the next equator as the Earth sets itself to spin straight. Those who know this will resume a plant-based diet and migrate over the next few thousand years to the new equator. This is like “getting on the ark”.

Copyright@Darcie French 2022

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