ACIM and the Russell Cosmogeny – dispelling misinterpretation

I struggled for some time with some interpretations of A Course In Miracles being taught, as they didn’t match up with what I gleaned from the Course, or with what was revealed in the State in the fire.

The belief that the universe of form is a mistake of the intellect brought up massive suicidal ideation, because the impulse at hearing such a teaching was to view the body as sinful and its death as the peaceful answer. When I found the works of Walter and Lao Russell, the confusion was cleared up as the Russell Cosmogeny matched up with the knowledge revealed in the State in the fire. The body neither lives nor dies, and is not a reflection of aberration of thought unless it is (mis)creating without God’s balanced thinking.

The Russell Cosmogeny and A Course in Miracles are essentially the same in principle, describing all as One. Differences lay in interpretation of how the universe of multiples seems to come into being.

The interpretation of ACIM that created a struggle within me was the one that an “error of the intellect” created the universe of form as an eternal expression of entrapment. The error of interpretation is cleared up in the Russell Cosmogeny. The struggle dissolved at the realization of exactly “what” the error of intellect is (“is”, not “was” as there is only the ongoing Now. The only “before” and “after” there could be is the before of the previously unresolved mental belief in separation and the after of unity resolved in the Now). The error is simply the belief in “the unrealities of sensed matter in motion” (Walter Russell). All motion is illusion of Mind imagining and to believe this illusion to be the reality of knowing Heaven, Now, is to forget Heaven, Now, engendering a temporary sense of entrapment. As it says in ACIM, “Mind cannot be made physical” – the belief that it can be, gleaned through the deceptive senses indicating that “something has been created” (when no thing is created to be “a thing”, and is but a reflection of ongoing creating) is all there is to the error. The belief in death due to identification with the limited senses is the error, which arose at the dawn of consciousness, having nothing to do at all with a “pre-separation error of intellect” and both ACIM and the Russell Cosmogeny, if interpreted accurately, correct perception. The bonus of the Russell Cosmogeny is it describes, scientifically, the workings of the Mind.

God is the Creator of the elemental universe of motion and the inventor of the Idea of Man as a creating being manifesting God’s Love through the seeming physical. Man’s error is only in believing Mind can be made physical. Man did not create himself as a limited body due to irrevocable error, man seemingly entraps himself in a body solely through miscreation due to erroneous belief. One may think with ego/fear based in belief in sensed observations, thereby manifesting a disordered creation that isn’t comfortable, or one may rest in the Idea of Man, thinking with God and manifesting a comfortable body in God’s balanced image that is an eternal “non-event”.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019


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