Negative thoughts, anxiety

Q: I say I have more negative thoughts in anxiety only one thought over react me that if my blood pressure more rise what happen more options arises than I feel scary fear trembling anxious.

A: Your Mind is God’s Mind, and your body is God’s body. God is not separate from you, so as you desire to work with God/Self, you will become the help you seek. Working with God is the same as working with universal law. In a nutshell, working with universal law is maintaining a balance between rest and activity.

Thoughts themselves are innocuous; they can’t seem to hurt unless one acts/reacts with them to give them effects (like high blood pressure) in the 3D world. In some spiritual circles negative thoughts are called “attack thoughts” – they are always about fear for the body (like the fear of blood pressure rising), and yet their effects are experienced negatively in the body as the very symptoms one wishes to prevent (blood pressure rises, insomnia results etc). Trying to prevent imbalance in the body by thinking about it with concern sources the very imbalance one is trying to prevent.

It seems you are reacting to thoughts and by doing so, giving them effects that are noticeable in the body. The effect of fearful thinking is the “fight or flight” response, which occurs even though there is no actual threat. The body reflects one’s thinking, so as one considers fearful thoughts, fear/anxiety is the result even though there is no actual threat present at the time.

“Thoughts will come and go; but they will only stay if you serve them cookies and tea”.

Refrain from giving thoughts your attention, and notice that, as a witness to them vs. experiencer of them, they go as fast as they come, and the body doesn’t reflect them without your attention. Instead of serving fears the cookies and tea of your attention, please wordlessly ask God, silently in your heart, to share with you His-Her Knowledge of Balance. You desire to know Oneness with the Balance of God, so that you may rest in it, and simulate it and live free of unbalanced effects.

At the same time that you are practicing Self-Inquiry into the nature of Oneness with Balance that can be knowingly simulated, you can also align with God’s natural sequence of rest and activity. Half of the 24 hour day should be dedicated to activity gearing down to rest/sleep, and the other half to rest winding up to activity.

Please reply to this blog post if you have more questions as I am happy to assist. Thank-you.


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