Questions and Answers Dec 30 2019

Q1:    What is the ecstasy you describe in rest?

A1: The ecstasy of Mind at rest is the qualitative nature of the dual body of creation interchanging in the still point of the Self imagining it.

Q2:    In Genesis, it says God saw what he had made and claimed it all “good.”  Jesus said only God was good.   But good is half of duality so God can’t be good nor is anything good that is made?

A2: God didn’t/doesn’t look at Creation through the senses as one would perceive it through them. Everything God creates is known to be good because it is balanced by its other half. The sun is balanced by the black hole. Each half of the creating body gives to the other until each becomes the other and both halves are eternally satisfied in this way. Most of what man creates is based in one-way sensing, has no known balancing other half, and so cannot endure.
Q3:  If God is Love, what exactly is that?  Giving?  That’s an action, not rest.

A3: God is Balanced Love, magnetic equilibrium, seemingly divided into opposing electric light conditions presenting the illusion of movement out of equilibrium. Oneness with God is known as the ecstasy of  eternal rest in Balanced Love. Giving/regiving of light equally outwards in the direction of motherhood and equally inwards to the same point in the direction of fatherhood is God thinking Love into interchanging light units of concentrated light and evacuated of light space. The heart beats and the lungs breathe due to perfect conditions of interchanging light pressures – these conditions are set by God, representing Perfection of Balanced Interchange. Take a deep breath in and hold it. Because you are God’s Idea, manifesting God’s Balanced Love, you can’t help but desire to breathe out,  in order to breathe in again. Breathing of the dual body between its halves is eternal.

Q4:  If the two-way interchange is eternal, this earthly existence will continue in duality?

A4: Yes, however range of sensing unfolds, and duality is known and perceived to originate from Self.

Q5: If someone out of the blue asked you how to go about becoming balanced, what steps would you advise?

A5: Align with pulse of life’s balanced expression. Give up all drugs, alcohol, juicing of emotions etc. because all are unbalancing and inspire the seeming need for corrective magic. Sleep at night and be productive during the day. Watch as afternoon becomes evening and desire for activity becomes desire for rest. Notice the balanced sequence unfolding/refolding of expanded motherhood of concept in womb of night and concentrated fatherhood of concept during the light of day. Realize the equality of day and night – how one gives to the other and how they flow as a two-way continuum through the Self. Meditate on this giving/regiving from the still point of interchange – ask God wordlessly to reveal His-Her ecstasy. Simulate knowledge revealed through action/reaction.
Q6: What exactly does recording do?  What is the purpose of a record?
A6: A record records the unfolding/refolding pattern of idea. The record of the Idea of Creation is the record of the patterns of God’s concentrative/decentrative thinking.
Copyright@Darcie French 2019

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