How Jesus taught The Way

The body of Christ disappeared from its tomb as it was resurrected.

The body, being young and not yet middle age, still had plenty of growth or polarizing time left. And so after it was killed, at rest in the knowledge of the healing principle that balance is, Jesus could have fulfilled his prophecy of resurrecting the body and walking away from his tomb.

Being freed by “death” from both his attachments (family that viewed him as a material body of love, given by God to sustain them) and aversions (persecutors that viewed him as a body of hate, given by God to destroy them) he was then able to “disappear into the crowd” and be a co-creator of the illusion of Love made manifest without interruption by those who “made graven images” of him with their own ideas of what he represents.

Perhaps, he and Mary M took aliases and had kids who were taught “the Way”. Thus there is Christianity, formed by the attachments and reformed aversions of Jesus, sharing the graven image of Jesus as a savior, and those who came down from him and knew him as friend and neighbor and emulated the Light of his Way. Those who knew him as friend and neighbor would have been the ones to share his message purely and honestly by his inspired Way of Being that was devoid of the preaching that lead to his death.

He “died for our sins”, so he could continue unimpeded to bring the Light of eternal Life to sinners. For sin is nothing but the idea of death.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019

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