The Life expressed by the Universal One is never lost by its expression

The Life of the Universal One is sealed forever in the One Magnetic Light and never leaves by the electrical lights of duality. Nothing expressed by electrical interchange is ever born nor ever dies. All that lives is the One Light of God, ecstatically thinking to manifest the Life within. Giving motion to the stillness of Idea is the ongoing way that the illusion of mass is created.

“… there never has been a primal cataclysm which created the universe” (Walter Russell)

There has never been a “big bang”, or a separation by the Son from the Father that caused a “split” that resulted in the universe of form entrapping the Supreme Being of Man. The only split there could be is to give reality to the unrealities of “quantities of sensed matter in motion” (Walter Russell). This split can only happen by identity and reality placed in one half of the wave cycle, without acknowledging the eternal interchange between both halves that are One.

There is only the one balanced universal equilibrium of Source that is polarized into a simulation of that balance by the Pulse of Life — which is God’s Thinking — that expresses the Life sealed within the one equilibrium of Source.

Man shares the ability to express the Life within, and has made a world of perception based on the idea of a love that can die. Man looks upon a death-less creation and sees something that is not there. Man has thus far been lead by the senses that perceive only half of the cycle of creation, by a limited and deceptive perception of that half. When man knows the entire cycle he will no longer be deceived by the senses.

Mankind is unfolding to the still knowledge backing the illusion of the moving expression of Life. Mankind is unfolding to the comprehension that black holes and suns are one, and that they eternally interchange and eternally periodically reproduce the entire production.

The entire Idea of Man is contained in the one volume of the black hole or cube of space and the centering sun. The black hole is but the expanded half of the cycle of the Idea being expressed, and the sun is but the concentrated half.  Perception is formed in stages that concentrate light waves from the black hole into the sun, and is unformed in stages that decentrate the concentrated light waves back to the black hole. This interchange between appearance and disappearance is by the polarized division of the One Light into the two electric ones. The One Magnetic Light Lives in the stillness of balanced ecstasy, and the two electric ones express this Life by the moving simulation of balanced interchange.

All that the God-Mind knows of this division and the interchange of the seemingly formed with the seemingly formless is ecstasy. When man identifies with the Identity and Reality of the God-Mind, he Knows that the Ecstatic Life in the One Light is never lost by the division that expresses Life, and that He, as God’s Eternal Idea, and his body, made in God’s eternal image, are as eternal as God.

Copyright@Darcie French

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