When body cells are programmed out of alignment with the Pulse of Life

The ego, the part of Mind associated strictly with the senses, is addicted to mitigating the interchange between sensual fulfillment and sensual deprivation as per its own designs to act and react without God, and is not above mixing up one’s days and nights to that end. Acting upon the messages the out-of-alignment-with-truth ego-programmed body cells send to the brain leads to the need for premature death of the body.

The body is normally polarized into activity by the sun, and depolarized into sleep by the darkness of sunless space. The ego disrupts the natural balance of activity during the day and rest at night by forcing the senses to continue vibrating when they do not have the natural source of charge, or by extending periods of discharge when the rest of creation is charging. Being active in the night reverses one’s polarity and makes daytime activity difficult. The same goes for the reverse: sleeping during the day makes rest at night difficult. With too much rest or activity out of alignment with natural process, the body cells become out of balance with the rest of creation’s. Agony is the result.

Everything in Nature naturally moves in tandem with God’s heartbeat, that interchanges Formless ecstasy in One and simulates this changeless ecstasy by the illusions of outer change via the interchange between the disappearing black hole and its appearing sun. The ego goes against the natural process of appearance and disappearance by adding or subtracting extra concentrative beats or extra decentrative beats out of sequence to or from the Pulse as per sensual desire.

The Pulse beat of creation forever naturally alternates sequentially between decentrated space and concentrated matter.  Forced addition or subtraction of polarity that is out of alignment with the natural sequence of the Pulse speeds up the death process in the body’s cells by rendering their functioning unbalanced. Cells become so unbalanced in their functioning that they can only find balance by their extinction and a fresh start with a recovered-in-Source reproduction of their constellation of form. In this way, the ego upholds the idea of death for the period of time that one listens to it and acts on its messages, and thereby “proves”, by the agony experienced, death to be true.

“All men come to Me in due time, but theirs is the agony of waiting” (Divine Iliad).

There is no death to be proven real: to be in agony is a result of choosing to act and react against God, vs knowingly working with God. Listen not to the messages of the body cells programmed by the ego. Sleep at night, and be active during the day, and rest and act easily in tandem with the Pulse of Life.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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