Transcending the unhealed healer

If one has not released the idea of death and is still participating in the social blasphemy of the idea, one cannot be a healer of man. The body of the empathic to the emotions backing the idea of death becomes like a toxic waste dump. One must be healed by the absolute awareness of being one with God, in order to extend that awareness to another. The one who knows of their Oneness with the Supreme Person is instantly healed in Mind, even if it takes some time for the body to catch up.

To give empathy to the emotions backing an affliction is to take them and it on. To “walk a mile in another man’s shoes” but takes on the smell of another man’s feet, and leaves the other man’s feet bare. Instead of empathizing with the emotions backing the idea of death and thereby taking on the afflictions of the idea, look past all affliction to the Truth – each and every man Being One with the Supreme Person of God, no man can ever die. His belief that he can die by the body’s passing is all that is killing his peace, and decaying his body before its time to return to dust. Relieve him of his affliction by giving no reality to his belief.

“Judgment is Mine” sayeth the Lord, and the Lord’s only judgement is Love. “Walk a mile in his shoes before you judge him” is the full meaning of the saying at hand. And yet how can a judgment that reinforces his belief in the idea of death help him?

How can telling him, “Yes, after walking in your shoes I realize that your life sucks compared to mine” help him? It does not help him — it simply reinforces the false idea of death all around. Bypass all judgment of the ego and the spiritual ego alike. Look past the idea of falsehood to the Source of Truth: God’s only judgment is Love. To be One with God is to Know and extend only Love. In this way is all empathy to the idea of death and judgment-of-man-that-is-not-Love bypassed, and is affliction dissolved vs concentrated.

Empathize with not, and therefore judge not the idea of death in either a positive or a negative light, for death exists not. Ever defer to Eternal Love: Be that Love, and be healed and a healer of, the unwanted effects of giving reality to the idea of death.

From the Divine Iliad Vol 2 discussion:

The Science healer must know God in him, BE God, in order to heal. If you, as a Science healer, are sympathetic with an afflicted one, you take on his affliction instead of giving him your Balance as Jesus did to the afflicted. You might as well share anger, hate, fear and worry as to share grief and sympathy.

You had a nervous breakdown yourself two years ago for just that reason. You took on all your patients’ ills because of sharing their ills. They should have passed through you and become perfected in their passing. Instead of that, they all touched you in their passing you’re your patients were not benefited.

Question: But does it not seem inhuman to be unsympathetic where there is suffering.

Answer: Quite the reverse. It is God – like to cure one of an unreality by giving a God-like balance.

By sympathizing with some one you acknowledge the reality of the ill. The moment you do, and you acknowledge its reality you cannot help him.

Question: Just what do you mean by God-like as applied to this case?

Answer: To god, all things are taken alike — and that means an unchanging ecstasy. That ecstasy of perfection of rhythmic balance upon which His universe is founded is the God– Mind condition always. That is also the only Mind condition of one who becomes cosmically illumined with the Light. It is weak to be human. To be God -like requires the strength which comes only with full-knowing. The greatest among men are those who have enough of God’s knowing to take all things alike. The weakest among men are those who absorb every emotion as a mirror absorbs light.

Question: I begin to see what you mean, but wouldn’t such a person seem cold and heartless in the midst of grief and suffering?

Answer: Love is never cold and heartless. When you give Love–and Balance– you are giving the reality of God’s perfection to one who has accepted the unreality and nurtures it. And if you have come to end grief and suffering, why should you continue it by becoming a part of it.

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