Belief vs direct knowledge

I was visited some time ago by a couple of lovely Mormon sisters, whom I invited to sit with me in my living room. After a couple of visits, it essentially surfaced that they were on a mission to convert my behaviour to be more in alignment with the Mormon idea of “God’s expectations for His Children”.

From what they said, the Mormon’s essentially believe that God is a Person who notices and rewards good behaviour with His Approval/Love. They believe that one day, because of their faith, they will gather like little children around this Person to be in receipt of His Love for their good behavior. It is a lovely fantasy, perhaps, and yet, it does not address the innate Guiltlessness of the Son of God, and makes the idea of sin seem “real”. The idea proposes that the Son need first label Himself as “unworthy of the Father’s Love”, and then work hard for it by adhering to specific man-made principles. In Truth, the Father has no such requirements of the Son.

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