Angels share the Same Source

Ask the angels for help”

Your guardian angel will protect you”

The angels are all around us”

An angel glanced at me, and healed me”

I believe in angels” etc

Angels are not separate from Source; they are the Same as Self. Angels are “built in” to the belief in separation. And yet angels are described as if they are special and separate from Source, as if they are part of the same belief paradigm that says the mind/body is separate from Source.

On Dr David R Hawkins numerically assigned Map of Consciousness (R), 1000 is the “highest” or “closest to God” consciousness known to man. The map goes past 1000, beyond to Infinity. Angels are part of the same consciousness that humans are part of, that animals are part of, that all formed life is a reflection of. When one calls on angels, one calls on Self, and it is Self that answers. The beauty of consciousness in celestial realms is a mystery to the son of man who believes himself a body, but it is where the Son of God believes he visits as he gets closer to realizing Home.

Angels share the same Source. Consciousness can be conscious of anything it wants, from bacteria at “1” on the Map of Consciousness (R), to that of angels, the power of which simply cannot be calibrated using the tools of man.

And then there is Pure Consciousness, or Self-Awareness. Pure Consciousness is Awareness of Source only; the Son’s Full Awareness of Being Home.


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