Love it as it goes

So you realize that you’re not the body or the mind; you are something far, far greater, something that is no “thing”, but the essential quality of Love. It may have been mind blowing and there may have been roof top shouting and table dancing, or it may have been a kind of, “meh, I knew it all along”. Either way. Now what? Well, now continues to unfold, forever. All “now whats” delightfully become “so whats”.

But yet, the question may still be asked, “what? what? what? what to do with the appearance of the body?” It no longer holds one hostage to ego and its ideas of suffering and death, and yet, ooop there it (still) is, as the saying goes.

Well, so, what?

God is Love, what more do you need to know about your own Self? So, delight in the body. Use it up, and Love it as it goes.

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