Accept the one and only desire

There is only one desire, that of the Son for the Father. All other desires are manifestations of what is not desired for long. The Son of God looks out at the world and says, “I don’t want this”, and unwittingly blocks Awareness of what He really wants. Attention gets focused on the block, and one gets “immersed” in the belief in the block as being “real”, which keeps the entanglement going.

When teachers of God see and “make real” the contents of consciousness (ie the body/form/resistance/separation/illusion), it is teaching and learning for ego. This is acting as what the ACIM calls “the unhealed healer”. The unhealed healer believes there is a solution in the world of separation for the separation; he sorts through fantasy and picks and promotes the parts he likes. The Holy Spirit heals naturally by looking past all content, and supporting only the one desire for the Father. Thus, the Holy Spirit is the only actual role model for teachers of God among men. The Holy Spirit is Within and accessible to All; while bodies are limited in their ability to communicate Truth. Bodies are apparently limited, complicated, and seemingly subject to grave error. Best not to rely on the thought system that produces them.

Teachers of God, focus not on the block, or the focus is on separation vs unity.

Focus on supporting the One Desire of the Son: accept the Atonement for Self.

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